Do I really want to do this?

Posted in Uncategorized at 18:35 by Kathleen

Okay, why in the world would I want to start a blog? Let’s face it, most of the blogs out there have no content whatsoever. Since I don’t know if I have anything to say, why would I want to add another worthless blog to cyberspace? To tell you truth I don’t know, and I guess I want to apologize right off the bat if this thing turns into blog litter. But then, I figure what’s the big deal: I write it, but technically nobody has to read it. So, I will give this a try. I might enjoy it.

This first entry is in English, but I expect that there will be entries in French too. French (Québec) is my mother tongue. Which language I use will depend on what I have to say.

Until next time then!