IYA 2009 – Somethings cannot wait, or so it seems to me

Posted in IYA2009 at 17:25 by Kathleen

Even though I am on vacations, there are things that cannot wait for my return. I realize that if I were better organized, there would not be that many things to do while on vacations. But I am not that well organized, despite what people say.
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IYA 2009 – Hard to keep posting

Posted in IYA2009 at 8:59 by Kathleen

On my January 1 entry I put a disclaimer that I did not promise to post on weekends. I never thought about a disclaimer for ‘while on vacation’.
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IYA 2009 – Gone on Christmas Vacation

Posted in IYA2009 at 17:55 by Kathleen

I know, I know, it is the middle of January. Yet, I am on my Christmas vacation. I have always been able to visit with my family during the Christmas Holidays, but this time around I got stuck in Hilo, never knowing when I would be able to leave.
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IYA 2009 – I need sleep

Posted in IYA2009 at 17:53 by Kathleen

You will forgive me if I do not write much today, but I have not seen a bed in more than 36 hours. I have been travelling then visiting with my family. Hilo – QuĂ©bec City is a long way, no matter how you put it.
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IYA 2009 – They should be told about Mauna Kea

Posted in IYA2009 at 16:38 by Kathleen

It always amazes me that people from or living in Hawai’i are not aware of the gem they have in Mauna Kea. Very few Hawaiian residents, it seems, know that Mauna Kea is possibly the best site on Earth for astronomy.
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IYA 2009 – When great minds do not think alike

Posted in IYA2009 at 18:01 by Kathleen

When strong minds disagree it can lead to pretty intense discussions. My take is that as long as the discourse stay respectful, I am in!
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IYA 2009 – “For a scientist”

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:38 by Kathleen

I have been complimented on my work today. It has been a while and who knows when and if it is going to happen again, so I might as well brag about it. Apparently, I write good software engineering documents, “for a scientist” that is. I am still laughing at that qualifier.
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IYA 2009 – Cloudy Astronomy

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:01 by Kathleen

I do not want to make this blog a “hey! look at the webcam” thing, but since it is such a good follow up to yesterday’s entry, and to what I did today, I cannot resist.
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IYA 2009 – Mauna Kea by Moonlight

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:00 by Kathleen

I do not know if you have ever noticed, but the Full Moon is very bright. It is quite striking at a dark site, like the summit of Mauna Kea, or even where I live, where there is no light pollution. I once walked over a dark laval field after dark without the flashlight on, just using the Moon. (Don’t try this at home, the terrain was fairly smooth and I had the flashlight with me, it was just an experiment not to use it.)

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IYA 2009 – Didn’t I use to know that?

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:53 by Kathleen

A recent press release stated that a new study brings the rotational velocity of the Galaxy to 270 km/s, up from the 220 km/s astronomers learned about in school. This implies that the Milky Way is somewhat larger and more massive than earlier thought.
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