IYA 2009 – One task completed, many more to go

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:12 by Kathleen

The day was not too bad. I did manage to finish one task. It had to do with copying observations from our 2008B semester program to our 2009A semester program. A nice brainless activity to ease myself back into work.

I do not think I explained the semester thing. Most observatories work on a ‘semester’ basis. When a semester of observation starts and ends depends on the observatory, but it is usually around February 1 to July 31 for semester A (or I), and August 1 to January 31 for semester B (or II). Astronomers are invited to apply for time on the telescope twice a year to match the two semesters.

My collaborators and I were granted time in semester 2008B, and again in semester 2009A for the same project. The new semester started on Sunday. Today, I transfered all the unobserved targets from the 2008B program to the 2009A program. That took for-e-ver. But, as I said, in was brainless, and that is what I needed today. And the real bonus is that I was able to complete the task. That is one thing I do not have to worry about anymore (for a little while at least).

What will I work on tomorrow? I have plenty to choose from. I guess I will decide tomorrow morning, see how I feel first. Everything needs to get done one way or another, so as long as I pick something and make progress I will be doing fine.

Note: Some might have noticed that there were nothing posted over the weekend. I have been having problem uploading. I have remedied the problem and the entries for Saturday and Sunday are now online with the correct time stamps.

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