WoM – Tropical Christmas Edition: Jack Frost’s Tropical Coconut Vodka Cocktail

Posted in Mixology at 20:32 by Kathleen

I opened a can of coconut milk last night, it makes sense to select the next drink to use coconut milk too. So, Jack Frost’s Tropical Coconut Vodka Cocktail it is tonight!

Jack Frost’s Tropical Coconut Vodka Cocktail

  • 50 ml vodka
  • 25 ml blue Curaçao liqueur
  • 75 ml coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • ½ desiccated coconut to garnish
  • 1 lime slices to garnish
  • 3 blueberries to garnish
  • Ice
  • Source: https://foodandsun.com/jack-frosts-tropical-coconut-vodka-cocktail/

Rim the glass in the coconut. Fill a shaker with ice and pour the vodka, curaçao, coconut milk and lime juice in. Shake well and pour over ice into glasses. Garnish with lime slices and blueberries.

The recipe on the website was for 2 servings (the recipe above is for 1 serving). I doubled it, the 2-serving version…. We ended up with a lot of blue cocktail. Fortunately, it was quite drinkable.

The shredded coconut didn’t stick to the rim of the glass so I abandoned that plan really quick. I used white sugar instead. The shredded coconut I had was still most, and it relatively big chunks. The type of coconut I would want to use for baking. I don’t know if there’s another kind more amenable to “glass rimming”.

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