WoM – Week #1

Posted in Mixology at 10:49 by Kathleen

Here is a summary of Week of Mixology #1.

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WoM – Here’s an idea: Week of Mixology

Posted in Mixology at 10:48 by Kathleen

It all started with a Blue Hawaiian on a Sunday night.

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New York, NY

Posted in Uncategorized at 19:44 by Kathleen

Tonight, I did have a New York experience. I’m still smiling. Read the rest of this entry »


Airport Diaries – Unusual Arrival Procedures

Posted in Travel at 21:55 by Kathleen

In this H1N1-induced paranoia (the swine flu panic), international arrival procedures have been modified. Japan’s procedures were definitely interesting.
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IYA 2009 – So much for one a day…

Posted in IYA2009 at 15:07 by Kathleen

Well, I doubted from the start whether I would be able to post one blog a day for year. It lasted for one and half month. That is one month more than I expected. Yet, I am a bit disappointed.
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IYA 2009 – Staff Survey

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:46 by Kathleen

Many meetings again today. One of them was a discussion group about the staff survey that was conducted few months ago.
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IYA 2009 – Separated by 10 000 km, yet functional

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:30 by Kathleen

Other than project planning (yep! not done yet), I met with two of my team members today. Well, I did not physically meet them. One meeting was by videoconference, the other was on the phone. They are both based in Chile.
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IYA 2009 – NICI

Posted in IYA2009 at 22:31 by Kathleen

The end of the planning madness is still far but I am starting to see the light. The F2 plan is completed and I used it as a template for the NICI data reduction software plan. A couple more plans are done too. I still have several more to go, including two big ones, but still, I am pretty happy with the progress made.
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IYA 2009 – This blog

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:29 by Kathleen

Wow! This blog is quite a commitment. No, I am not about to quit, though part of me wished I could. But I happened to be stubborn.
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IYA 2009 – So glad I am not being called

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:07 by Kathleen

Today I had a dinner party at a friend’s and colleague’s place. Before dinner, he received a call: it was the summit calling.
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