IYA 2009 – F2 project plan

Posted in IYA2009 at 20:55 by Kathleen

Almost a whole day spent on a single project plan. And I am not completely done! I hope it pays off in the long run.
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IYA 2009 – Could you let me get on with my work, please?

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:40 by Kathleen

Four and half hours of meetings. I would say that only one of those hours was useful, or at least useful to me. And we wonder why things do not get done.
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IYA 2009 – Water cooler discussion day

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:24 by Kathleen

The day started with a seminar from a candidate for the Deputy Director position, followed by a science staff meeting with controversial topics. That was good fuel for a full day of water cooler discussions.
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IYA 2009 – PDR is the theme of the day

Posted in IYA2009 at 20:57 by Kathleen

Today I focused on catching up with the material we will present at the data reduction pipeline project PDR (Preliminary Design Review) later this month.
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IYA 2009 – One task completed, many more to go

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:12 by Kathleen

The day was not too bad. I did manage to finish one task. It had to do with copying observations from our 2008B semester program to our 2009A semester program. A nice brainless activity to ease myself back into work.
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IYA 2009 – Not keen about going back to work

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:07 by Kathleen

I am not keen at all about going back to work. I am million emails to catch up with, and so much work! It is quite depressing.
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IYA 2009 – Landing in Hilo

Posted in IYA2009 at 20:51 by Kathleen

I came back to Hilo today. It has been a long time since I flew back in during daytime. I was treated to a beautiful sight.

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IYA 2009 – Looks like 6 minus 1

Posted in IYA2009 at 16:11 by Kathleen

The big news of the day, once confirmed, is that my team is going to lose a member to grad school. It is a great news; not the lost of a teammate, of course, but the news of a friend getting what she really wished for.

That is all for today. I am starting to head back home tomorrow. I do not expect to be able to write something tomorrow. On the plane on Friday, I should have plenty of time to write, but I will not be able to post before Saturday evening when I will finally get back online.


IYA 2009 – The end of the vacation is looming

Posted in IYA2009 at 17:02 by Kathleen

I got caught by office work late last night. Stupid Internet. Nah! It is not that bad. Thanks to Internet I was able to do maintenance on our observing program. That sort of work is not very ‘brain consuming’, so I do not mind doing it while on vacation. The problem is that I had to connect to the office and hence my office mail got downloaded. And I could not resist…
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IYA 2009 – Oh! boy!

Posted in IYA2009 at 19:51 by Kathleen

I checked my emails tonight, before sitting down to write to this blog. I should have checked earlier. I have a series of ‘as-soon-as-possible’ requests. I have taken care of two and will have to complete the work tomorrow. It is getting quite late now, so that is as much as I will write tonight. I told you a few days ago that I was worry about not being able to survey my emails. See, I was not completely crazy. Must be my sixth sense.

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