Hi, my name is Kathleen and I have a podcast addiction

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So, at first I didn’t get podcasts. With internet radio and my music library, why would I want podcasts? I have an iPod, but frankly, I don’t listen to podcasts from the iPod, even now. So, again, why would I want podcasts?

It started with some weekly NPR podcast. That was fun, but then once a week… Maybe I could subscribe to a few more podcasts to keep me entertained. How about a sport podcast? Sounds good. Music. A music podcast, something Canadian, great! What? The place I work at (an astronomical observatory, you know telescope and stuff) has a podcast for public outreach? Gotta try it. While were on astronomy, there’s got to be podcasts about astronomy. Okay, I’ve got work covered, how about my hobby, geocaching? Here’s the subscription to a geocaching podcast. I use Mac, plenty of Mac podcasts. Oh! Digital photography! Count me in. I miss my home, how about some CBC podcasts? Tons of them! Let’s try a few, english and french.

It is completely out of control. And I am unable to simply delete all the backlog issues. Because, of course, if I subscribe to a new podcast, I must listen to every issues, even if they are a year old.

Currently, I have 1123 items taking 19.88 GB of disk space. That’s enough for 16.7 days non-stop.

My name is Kathleen, and I have a podcast addiction.

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