Airport Diaries – No fuss flight? Amazing!

Posted in Travel at 17:23 by Kathleen

I have been complaining about terrible flight experiences. To be fair, I thought I should report about a no-fuss flight for change.

The flight: Hilo (ITO) – London (Heathrow) via Honolulu and San Francisco. Plenty of opportunities for something going wrong. Well… Nothing went wrong. Nothing at all! Hard to believe isn’t it? That was one of the smoothest flight ever. Every flight on time, luggage on the conveyor belt on arrival, no problem at UK immigration, straightforward train and underground travel to the hotel. I guess the only thing I can complain about is the flight attendant screaming ‘Duty-free’ in the aisle in the middle of the overnight flight. It is the middle of the night! Would you shut up? Oh! and on arrival my hotel was not ready, but that was sort of expected since it was 9:30am. Disappointing considering I had not seen a bed for 36 hours, but I cannot really be angry about it.

So all and all, a no-fuss flight for change. Quite pleasing. Now if I could recover from the 11-hour jet lag…

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