IYA 2009 – Could you let me get on with my work, please?

Posted in IYA2009 at 21:40 by Kathleen

Four and half hours of meetings. I would say that only one of those hours was useful, or at least useful to me. And we wonder why things do not get done.

It is sometimes so frustrating. The meetings that frustrate me the most are the company’s “Pep Talk”, or as a colleague calls them the “State of the Union” meetings. Today we were told about the processed results from a staff survey and the year-end status of the 2008 projects. Then we moved on to the “2008 Cudos and Awards” part of the meeting. It was all a bit odd. And I am not complaining out of jealousy, I did get one of the Individual Cudos, a strange one, but still.

Ah! I do not know why I find those meetings aggravating. I know that that sort of things is very important to the moral of some people.

Another good waste of effort was the hour we spent setting the agenda and schedule for the upcoming Preliminary Design Review. The project manager clearly had a draft of the agenda, and I really do not understand why seven of us had to spend an hour discussing it. Feedback could have been provided by email, or the draft could have been distributed ahead of time so that the live discussion could have been kept to 15-30 minutes.

Can you tell I am frustrated today?

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