IYA 2009 – F2 project plan

Posted in IYA2009 at 20:55 by Kathleen

Almost a whole day spent on a single project plan. And I am not completely done! I hope it pays off in the long run.

One of the 2009 project is developing data reduction software for our new instrument, Flamingos 2. The instrument is a multi-object spectrograph for the near-infrared. It can also do imaging and long-slit spectroscopy.

Doing the development the right way with the limited resources that we have will take time. So, for the time being we have been doing “emergency” development, modifying our old code in order to have something ready for the on-sky acceptance test (AT) and then the commissioning once the instrument arrives. I am confident the emergency software will be ready. Especially with the instrument delivery being delayed yet again.

Once we are done with the emergency support software, we will be able to start on the really fun stuff. A nice suite of modern code. That is the part of the project I spent most of Friday planning.

I hope the plan is realistic! Well, it probably isn’t. The question is more which parts are and which parts aren’t. I guess my real hope is that the plan is not too far off.

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