IYA 2009 – So much for one a day…

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Well, I doubted from the start whether I would be able to post one blog a day for year. It lasted for one and half month. That is one month more than I expected. Yet, I am a bit disappointed.
What a crazy time I have had at work since February. The PDR review I had talked about did happen; it did not go so well. The end result is that there has a serious overall of the management of the Dataflow Project. There is a new project manager. I think we are in good hands. And I am now deputy project manager. More responsibilities, more work, but also more abilities to influence the project.

In April, I went to Toronto for a 4-day course in software project management. That course will be very useful. Since I was so close to home, I made a quick visit to my family in Québec. My niece was 5-months old at the time and a lot fun.

An enormous amount of work had to be accomplished for the Board meeting in mid-May. The new management of the Dataflow Project had about a month to do a few months worth of work, and I was gone during 2 of those weeks. Crazy.

Finally, through that I had to prepare two posters for Gemini Science Conference in Kyoto, May 17th to 22nd. I am on the plane, heading to Kyoto right now. A very long flight, but it is the first time in months that I can breath a bit. I still have a oral presentation to prepare for the 22nd, but it is manageable.

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