WoM – Christmas Edition: Poinsettia

Posted in Mixology at 22:14 by Kathleen

To close this WoM – Christmas Edition and to close 2011, we are turning to the bubbly. Sounds almost like I planned it that way, doesn’t it?…

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WoM – Christmas Edition: White Christmas Dream

Posted in Mixology at 8:15 by Kathleen

Big dinner party last night. We did try the cocktail I had planned for the Week of Mixology, … and many more. Needless to say I was too busy to post the review of the Friday drink.

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WoM – Christmas Edition: Angel’s Delight

Posted in Mixology at 16:20 by Kathleen

We are going creamy tonight. Cream, gin, triple sec and grenadine. Sounds a bit odd but I won’t know for sure until I try it.

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WoM – Christmas Edition: Grinch

Posted in Mixology at 17:02 by Kathleen

Quiet day. Since we are in the middle of the two big holidays of the Season, a cocktail called the Grinch seems appropriate.

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WoM – Christmas Edition: Christmas Jones

Posted in Mixology at 11:09 by Kathleen

Tuesday. Today, we take the blender out. Not too sure why this is considered a Christmas drink with the summer strawberries and the tropical pineapple juice, but who cares, it sounds tasty. I think the only relation to Christmas is the name, which refers to James Bond character.

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WoM – Christmas Edition: Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Posted in Mixology at 15:38 by Kathleen

We are continuing on our Christmas Edition. Our Monday drink in the Chocolate Raspberry Martini. Fortunately, my mom had a bottle of White Creme de Cacao in the house. For some reason it is impossible to buy White Creme de Cacao in the province of Québec anymore. Go figure.

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WoM – Christmas Edition: Christmas Cosmo

Posted in Mixology at 15:03 by Kathleen

Ho! Ho! Ho! I’m on vacation during the Holidays. Surely I have time to mix and drink. Let’s the Week of Mixology – Christmas Edition start!

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EoM – That’s for Evening of Mixology

Posted in Mixology at 9:01 by Kathleen

Christmas Eve, an impromptu evening of mixology. I mixed three cocktails for me and my folks.

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